Nut Problem solved

Moving to a new place can be stressful. Especially if you are used to a certain food shops and you don’t know where to start looking for some ingredients in the new city/country.

Since coming to Amsterdam (and that was just 5 days ago!) I tried to look for the nut/dried fruits in the local supermarkets. Lidl offers some usual mix of nuts and dried fruits and AH (Albert Heijn, the most popular supermarket chain in NL) has similar items but with quite high prices. And nobody could offer me unroasted unsalted cashew nuts! And no dried dates! How will I make my awesome RAW Strawberry cheesecake without them?!

But my NUT problem was solved today! While looking for key makers in the area, I found this little Cafe-style shop called ‘David’s Coffee & Nuts’. It sells the wide selection of nuts and dried fruits, makes their own Peanut Butter (with different additions like chocolate!), home-made cakes, coffee beans and – for Dorianas’ delight – ice cream! The owners of the shops are amazing, they gave us to try they amazing peanut and cashew butters and some types of nut mixtures. There is also a small outside cafe, where you can have a slice of home-made cake and cup of freshly made coffee. I had a nice chat with shops owner about my raw cake and he was very interested to try it out. So I might made new friends! 🙂

Follow for some news about my discoveries in ‘David’s Coffee&Nuts’ shop!




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