So here I am! Decided that it was time to start this blog. I have been interested in healthy eating for a while now and have encouraged all my family and friends to follow me, sharing recipes, advice and tips. And due to my recent relocation to Amsterdam, I have decided to keep working on my mission (haha :D) and share these recipes and tips via blog!

Coming up with the name of the blog was the trickiest part. FM Diana has been my business username, as I work with FM Group company. And as I logged in to WordPress with my email, the automatic system suggested me FMDiana as my blog name. At first I have disregarded this name due to this blog being personal rather than business, but then I thought – FM also means FREQUENCY MODULATION, the little two letters which stands before radio station name. And then I had this flashback of my late grandfather Jonas, who used to say that because of me talking so fast I should be working in the radio (and he loved his radio!!)… That was one of the reasons I have decided to have a degree in Journalism too 😉 Anyway, all this made me think that FMDiana is not necessarily  has to be related to my business, it can be my little radio station where I pass all the information to you guys (and store my best recipes online – much easier than looking for them in any book!).

And with that I just would like for you to bear with me, until I find all my previous recipes and most important tips for being healthy and feeling great. Those who already know me, I’m not following any strict diets, I’m just taking the best from everything. It’s not really about losing lots of weight, but I will share my experience on that too. I think that most important bit about eating is choosing the healthier options and swapping the bad habits for the better ones 😉 And of course – doing it in the most simplest way. Because life is way too short to spend too much time in the kitchen and worrying about it all the time.

Hope you will enjoy this blog and please comment on the recipes and my ideas, I want to know your opinion!

Best wishes,




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