How to Make Your Favourite Desert Healthy

I probably should call this post – how make MY favourite desert healthy. But let’s speak about this generally 😉

Since I have decided not to eat any sugar, I was having very bad moment when seeing Bounty chocolate in the shops. This one thing I really miss (or the Lithuanian alternative, which used to be called TIKO)! I have been doing raw deserts for a while, and I do enjoy all of them. So when I tried this easy Raw Brownies recipe I decided to ‘upgrade’ it and make it more similar to Bounty… Well, at least I think they are quite similar 😉

So here is the recipe. You can make it as a normal Brownie Cake, or make it into ball shapes and dust with coconut… Or maybe add something different – let your imagination make the perfect desert for yourself!

Raw Coconut Chocolate Balls (Raw Bounty)


1 cup pecans

1 cup dates

5 tbsp raw cacao powder

4 tbsp shredded unsweetened coconut

2 tbsp honey

1/4 tsp sea salt

shredded coconut for dusting



1.     Place pecans in a food processor and process until they become small and crumbly.

2.     Add dates and process again until the mixture sticks together and dates are well processed.

3.     Add the remaining ingredients to the recipe and process again until the mixture turns a lovely dark chocolaty brown, but stop processing before it gets too buttery.

4.     Place mixture into a brownie dish (if you are making a brownie) and press down firmly. Otherwise, make the little balls I made 15 of them out of this mixture, roll them in the shredded coconut, and refrigerate. For brownie, leave them in the fridge for couple hours to make it easier to slice.

Store them in the fridge.


And that’s it! Simple, quick recipe, but tastes amazing!! Oh… and here is the photo 😉




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